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Welcome to my blog! My name is Gina. I live and work full time in Chicago, IL as a teacher and part time as a personal fashion consultant. Born & bred in NJ and on a good day, you can still catch my accent even though I've been gone for 8 years. I've decided that it is about time that I start living my dream and make you look like you are living yours. My passion is making people look, feel, and find a style that makes them the best version of themselves. I take into consideration personal budget, lifestyle demands, professional demands and additional factors to create a wardrobe that is perfect for the client. Fashion trends come and go - but a classic style never fades. This blog is about many things related to beauty, fashion, style, and over all life.

What is Gina Josephine Aggie Consultants?

It's exactly what you've needed - and you didn't even know it...Well, maybe you did - or someone else thinks you do!

G J A is personal fashion consulting and shopping directly suited to your needs. I give you the "What Not to Wear" experience in the real world - on your budget and on your time. Beauty, fashion, & style should be accessible to everyone and I'm here to bring it to you.

Gina Josephine Aggie is inspired by the beauty and poise of my two grandmothers, Josephine Miranda D'Urso and Agnes Letostak Glova.

Josephine Miranda grew up in Brooklyn. Her mother and father were both from Italy. Everything she did permeated class and elegance. Her father died when she was very young and her mother had to take care of her family all alone. They were very poor - but my grandmother swore that she never knew it. Her mother believed in dignity and beauty and always wanted my grandmother to feel that she was beautiful and safe.

When Josephine was a young girl, her mother began a unique tradition. Even though they had little money, my great-grandmother wanted Josephine to feel special. Every Christmas and Birthday, Josephine received a beautiful, crisp, clean, new handkerchief. Thankfully, these were both inexpensive and dignified! This was the staple item of fashion at that time. My sister and I have received two handkerchiefs each thus far and I plan on continuing this tradition with the women in my family.

Josephine passed away on Friday, September 14, 2001. As a Saint in heaven, I'm sure she is dressed in eternal grace and that never goes out of style.

Agnes Letostak was born and raised in New Jersey. Classy woman, as you can already assume :) Living at the height of style in the 50's, "Aggie", as she is affectionately called, had many admirers. She worked at movie theater and often skipped school to roller skate at the local indoor rink. Her greatest fashion asset? Her beaming, bright smile. That could transform any outfit.

And, she's still rockin' high style today! Just look at these kicks!

Both of them are my inspiration for fashion. I am taking their lead and their "advice" from the past. Class, elegance, style, sophistication, timelessness, and affordability!

GJA is here to give you REAL fashion tips on a REAL budget for REAL people with REAL lives!

Email me at ginajosephineaggie@gmail.com or find me on facebook at Gina Josephine Aggie Consultants to get started.