Family Vacation on the Jersey Shore - Photo Recap

My family and I just spent an awesome week down the Jersey Shore for vacation. We couldn't have had a better week! Weather was just right, we spent time with lots of good friends, and relaxed just like we needed to. Here's a recap of our week!

That's me outside of the MTV Jersey Shore House! Go Snooki!

Stay Tuned for an upcoming series - "It's Not Always a Day at the Beach - Fashion Faux Pas at the Jersey Shore."

G J A 


  1. Wow, I get no credit for photography!? I took four of those pictures! ;)

  2. You'll get credit soon enough for the upcoming photos! Also, you could get more credit if you actually promoted my blog!

  3. I've known him for--how long now?--and he never mentioned it.

  4. Giiiiina,
    TEAM SNOOKI! hahaha she cracks me up! The Jersey Shore Cast is a total train wreck that I cannot keep my eyes off of the cast.

    But anyway. Your family trip looks fun. I'm spending sometime with my boyfriend/his family in northern California (San Francisco) and the weather is phenomenal. The 60 degree weather is a far cry from the humidity/hot weather in my hometown.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm new to IFB and I hope to find other fantastic bloggers such as yourself.



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