Friend Friday Fall Edition

Hello and welcome to another installment of Friend Friday! This has been such a great way for all of us bloggers to communicate on current issues in the blogosphere. Katy Rose, moderator of ModlyChic, sends us pertinent questions to what's going on in the fashion world each week. We all link up and answer them on Friday! If you are a blogger and are interested in joining, you can check it out here.

Let's talk about Fall! Is it already that time of year? Yes, it is. The clothing stores have already begun to put our their Fall Line - 2 weeks ago...! School has already started for most of us and whether we are students, teachers, moms, or professionals, we need to be ready.
Fall is my FAVORITE time of year! I am very anxious for it to begin...AND just as long as you don't go out in public like this guy, you'll be fine!

1. What new fashion trend are you looking forward to sporting this fall?

I've actually already written a full post on this question right HERE.
However, for me personally, the boyfriend blazer! In fact, I'm wearing it right now at Back to School Night - and I've worn it almost every day since I got it a week and a half ago.

2. Which item in your closet is most likely to be your go-to transition piece?

Umm - see the answer to #1!
3. What item from last year are you looking forward to reinventing this fall? 
My fashion scarves. I own about 15 various scarves and I want to bring them back as head wraps this year. I know that seems like more of a "summery" thing, but I think they will actually work for weekend wear. 
4. What is your favorite part about this time of the year?
Everything! The colors, the smell in the air, the temperature, the chill of the outside and the warmth from the indoors, the smell of a fire, apple cider, the sky as the sun sets, pumpkins, scarecrows, football, the sound of crunching leaves under your feet...I could go on...aaahh just everything!
5. Will you be attending any fashion events this fall?
So far on the list is the Midwest Fashion Bloggers Meet-Up in September. I am very excited about this event. It will give all of us a chance to network.
As for other Fall Fashion events - just the trip to my local shopping mall!

I'm finishing up the full week of teacher inservice. It will be great to have this weekend to get ready for the first full day of school on Monday! What am I going to wear?? I'll need to figure that out this weekend...


  1. One - Love this picture. My mom is all about Halloween and she would put something like this up in our yard.
    Two - SOOO jealous you are getting to the Midwest blogger meet-up. So many great bloggers are going.
    Three - I am loving the boyfriend blazer look too. I have one from Target that I will be living in shortly.
    - Katy

  2. Katy, you are the one who inspired me with the boyfriend blazer when you came to speak last year! Thank you! AND you are the one who inspired me to blog, so double thank you.

  3. I am all over the scarves for fall most assuredly a classic. So versatile because scarves can be worn so many different ways I've worn them as a belt or as a wrap if it's a little cool out or a chill in the office.
    Funny pic of the scarecrow, nope don't want to be caught looking like him.


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