What I Wore on Day 2!

My model, Macy, is perfectly & proportionately donning what I wore on my second day of school.
I wanted to wear a skirt because I know that this warm weather is waning! 
I call this bag my "Mary Poppin's Bag." Not only does it look like one, but it carries all of my books, computer, papers, etc. just like the original. At least it always seems like I'm pulling things out of it. 
I added my new boyfriend blazer. The air conditioning is always blasting in my classroom, but it helps keep it ventilated as 115 teenage girls swirl in and out.
I love, love, love this blazer so much. It is the perfect transition piece for Fall because it keeps me warm enough on the cooler days. It also adds a tailored & professional look to any outfit and makes me look like I am worth listening to!

So far, no horror stories or anything crazy has happened in my class. The 6th grader who threw up was in Science class.
Fashionably Yours,


  1. I love this outfit! It goes together so well!

  2. When I next see you, I am stealing those shoes. Love you!

  3. love the boyfriend blazer look!

  4. Love this dress!! It's adorable.

  5. I loveee this outfit! That belt is so precious! It was so awesome to meet you today! I had a great time at brunch! :)


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