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Liz has always been someone that I've admired for her poise and fashion sense. She and I went to college together in Ohio and lived on the same floor of our freshman dorm. 
I distinctly remember 3 things about Liz:
1. In her pull out drawer underneath her bed were stuffed at least 70 pairs of shoes! We wore the same size, so I borrowed a few times.
2. I was sick one day during the winter and I get a knock at the door - it is Liz with a bottle of orange juice!  She put on her winter coat and walked down to the campus mart out of charity. I'll never forget that.
3. She always looked fabulous and the guys were always enamored with her! (Don't worry hubby, she picked you)

I picked Liz's brain about feminine fashion in the corporate world influenced by her Southern Charm. She's always represented a "southern bell" to me. I'm just a sarcastic yankee from Jersey and I envy her character!

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Although I grew up as an Army brat and lived in a few places, I definitely claim Georgia to be my home state--I love The South! I went to a Catholic university in Ohio and moved to the Washington D.C. area after graduation. For a couple years I worked at a small non-profit start up organization and now I am a Development Specialist for a larger non-profit organization. Last but not least, I am a newlywed—I married an amazing man (and my best friend) this past spring. 
What is your normal morning routine?
I have tried for many years, but I am not a morning person. For me, the key to having a good morning is doing everything the night before… lunch packed, clothes picked out and ironed, coffee maker set, etc. If I go to bed being totally organized, I can ease out the door in under 30 minutes. Fabulous. If I’m not prepared… well I can throw on one of my go-to dresses, do my make-up at stoplights (there are 14 in my commute- PLENTY of time)  and drink the free coffee with the nasty powdered creamer at work. Not preferable, but it works in a pinch.  My commute is anywhere from 25-45 minutes.
What or who inspires your personal sense of style?
I am inspired by the classics--- Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn. I love any classic look. I also am inspired by a lot of my friends. Before I was married, I lived in a house full of beautiful fashionable ladies—it was fun to share clothes and accessories! Marriage is the best, but the hubby doesn’t really come through for me when I need the perfect clutch to complete the outfit.

How does your work wardrobe differ from your weekend attire?
My line of work is very conservative and often includes more formal events/meetings, so I definitely try to stick with the classic looks and dark colors for work. My weekend attire is a bit trendier, much more fun, and way more comfortable. Things I love to pull out on weekends: bangles, open-toed wedges, oversized purses, and sundresses.
How are you able to integrate your personal fashion style into a career professional wardrobe when it sometimes seems like work wear is drab?
I try to add a fun touch to every outfit—a dramatic piece of jewelry, a fun tank under a cardigan, a headband, or perhaps some great heels. I think one or two things make it fun and personal, whereas doing several things can start to look a bit unprofessional.
How do you integrate your femininity into a corporate wardrobe where male style dominates while still keeping it professional and chic?
I have a several work appropriate dresses. I actually prefer wearing a nice dress as opposed to a suit. If done right, I think it can look just as professional and really highlight femininity. I also have long hair, so I try to use a lot of bobby pins, clips, etc. to keep a feminine and corporate look without looking messy.
Finally, I love to wear pretty blouses or tanks with a basic skirt or trouser outfit—under a cardigan or blazer.  My favorites are blouses that can also stand alone with a pair of jeans for a Saturday night outfit-- Great investment if you ask me!
What is your favorite wear to work outfit?
This outfit is very comfortable and is great if I know I need to be walking around or on my feet a lot that day. Pants are from H & M, top is from TJ Maxx, cardigan is from Target, and I think the shoes were from either Payless or Target.
I don’t think the herringbone texture shows up, but the shirt has a great little textured pattern. The skirt is Target, the cardigan is Old Navy, and the shoes are Nine West.  It’s very classic.
What are three items that you could not live without?
Pearls (it’s the Southern in me)… a perfect little black dress… and a great pair of jeans.
How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Are we counting flip flops? Maybe 20?
Do you wear a lot of designer brands? Do you have a favorite designer?
I don’t think I wear a lot of designer brands, but I definitely believe in the power of designer jeans. Sevens or Citizens of Humanity are my favorite. I’d rather have one or two nice pairs rather than several mediocre pairs. I always pick quality over quantity when it comes to wardrobe staples like jeans. There is an amazing consignment shop near me that sells trendy designer items (www.currentboutique.com).  I consign and buy things there at least once a month. It’s a great way to stay fashionable within a budget without accumulating too much.
Describe your sense of style in 5 words or less.
Classic, feminine, dressy
Thanks for contributing, Liz. You have a lot of fashion wisdom!

Fashionably yours,

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