HEY! Granny, We Found Your Underwear!

The worst part? She claims to be a fashion retail expert! Would you buy anything from her?
There are really...I mean what can I...haha...ok, wow...oh man, seriously? What can I even say, hahhahahahaa. 
Fellow blogger, Gabe and I, stumbled upon her one night wondering around my town's downtown. We couldn't even keep it together. I had to snap the picture and get the heck outta there.

Somebody please call her Grandma and tell her they found her missing underwear.

Fashionably yours,


  1. A few entries ago on my blog, I wrote about my fashion faux pas: wearing the stretch pants I store in the back of my car as emergency clothing. (You know, the pants I know better than to wear voluntarily.) I was so humiliated I didn't even want to go out in public.

    My awful pants were the color of this woman's voluntary pants! Mine were similarly stretchy and unflattering, too, although mine had flared bottoms.

    And are leggings (meant to be worn with looser shirts or skirts, in my opinion), along with tube tops, really appropriate for work in any capacity?

    Also, I won an award & posted it on my blog. It's the kind you pass along, so I passed it along to you. :)

  2. It almost looks like she's not wearing pants if you look quickly...not a good look!

  3. OMG....this fashion faux pas happens in real life??! That's crazy!!


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