Dress How You Feel

Ever had one of those days...or weeks...or couple of weeks?

Yeah, me too. 
Actually, I just did and kinda still have been. 

At the end of the day I just haven't been able to open up my laptop to get onto the blog - let alone take any outfit pictures. The past couple of weeks have been, well, I don't even know what the word is. They've just been. Piles of paperwork & responsibility sandwiched in between early mornings and early bedtimes. I'm the leading role in a daily 5 act performance for an audience of 115 - in other words, I'm a teacher. Some times the curtain falls and there's a wealth of applause...other days - the theater empties out in a flash.

I've been struggling with the fact that I have a very expensive Nikon camera, but no skill in how to use it and no photographer & I dream of one day having the ability to scavenge around my beautiful lakeside town posing and modeling myself away, but alas, I have a full time full stress job.

So, for now, I have been dressing how I feel. Do you ever do that? I think that we ALL do. Today the most amount of "feeling" I could muster up was a pair of Old Navy khaki's, a high waisted purple tunic top, and the tired gray 3/4 length sweater that makes an appearance on days like these. I felt exhausted and defeated - and it showed! So, my resolution?
Bedtime. 9 PM.
And a whole new outlook on my outfit tomorrow.

Fashionably Yours,


  1. I totally dress how I feel sometimes...which is probably why I wear black so much. Dealing with life can be so much, especially when you're working a lot and dealing with personal struggles.

    I so owe you an email - I will try to do that today. Life is just so busy...I know you understand.

  2. Maybe it is the change of seasons that has all of us feeling this way. I dunno. But I took the time to put on a dress today and it has made a world of difference. Sometimes we dress how we feel, but I think more often we should dress how we wish we felt - fearless, feminine, chic (oh and wide awake). - Katy


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