My FIRST 30 for 30 Remix Picks


Once a season, Kendi Everyday, challenges the fashion bloggers of the world to a very interesting task - the 30 for 30 Remix.

30 articles of clothing - 30 days - no outfit repeats AND no shopping!
This is either a fashion blogger's ultimate dream challenge or ultimate nightmare.
I believe I fall somewhere in between.

It took me a lot longer than I expected to choose my 30 items - somewhere around 2 hours. This is my first time attempting this challenge and a lot of things are going through my little brain.

Me: I'm super nervous about this challenge.
Myself: Why are you so nervous? 
Me: Because if I fail that means I failed!
Myself: What?
Me: I will feel like a failed fashion blogger. What if I run out of creative ideas? It's 30 items (which seems like a lot) for 30 days - and you can't repeat an outfit! That is nerve wrecking.
Myself: Isn't that the point of a challenge?
Me: Oh.
Myself: And the challenge isn't life or death - you know that right?
Me: Oh.
Myself: And all of the rest of your clothes still exist in the hallway closet.
Me: Right. Let's do this!

Additional challenges I will face:
  • Having no one to take a daily photo. I've still got to figure this one out. A tripod may be in my future.
  • I'll have no choice but to shop this ONE time. I won a ticket to one of Chicago's premiere fashion events, ShopSwagg, from ChiTown Fashionista for this Saturday! Up to 75% off local fashion retailers! I can't not shop this event.
  • My birthday, Thanksgiving, and a 5 day trip all take place with in the next 30 days. 
What I've learned already:
  • I have a lot of clothes, even after I purged my closet this summer.
  • There are already items that I know I will not put back into my wardrobe after this challenge.
  • There are already items that I miss from this collection and that I forgot that I had and am totally psyched to wear again.
  • I am creative and I like to be challenged.
Here are shots of the before and after of my closet.
OK! So there you have it. Follow me along on this journey and track how I do.

Wanna join in? You can start anytime by going here.

Fashionably Yours,


  1. this is so great, G! i'm excited to see photos of this month :)

    also, this was my favorite:
    Myself: And the challenge isn't life or death - you know that right?
    Me: Oh.
    Myself: And all of the rest of your clothes still exist in the hallway closet.
    Me: Right. Let's do this!

  2. Yay! Glad you went ahead and did it! You'll love the challenge. And don't worry about not having some one to take your picture. It is a rare occurrence that I have someone taking mine, you get used to it and then suddenly it is easy... focus, click, run to position, smile, repeat! - Katy

  3. Excited to see your remix! I'm doing it too! I'm nervous too. I packed up all my other stuff. But its still there...lol

  4. I also went with way more tops than bottoms or dresses. Yay, top lovers! :) Looking forward to seeing how you mix up all these pieces. It's going to be fun!

  5. What a great wardrobe challenge! Looking forward to seeing all the outfits. I'm convinced you will learn a lot from it to help yourself and others. I am cheering you on!! xoxo

  6. How fun! I would love to do this someday! If you are interested in an inexpensive tripod option the Gorillapod is only around $20 and even though it is short you can set it on tings or wrap it around them to take pictures at a higher height. I love it and it's very portable!


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