::Expose Series:: Personally Shopping - A Look at My Personal Shopping Experiences

I love shopping. I love shopping so much that I employ myself doing it for other people...and when I find the time, I do it for myself, too!

Just because I am able to pair that shirt with those pair of pants in this color, cut, and style - and tell you exactly what does work and doesn't work for your body type and lifestyle doesn't mean that when I hit the mall, that I don't struggle with the same fears and insecurities that paralyze you when you walk into a department store.

I wanted to start this Expose Series to show that in most ways, I am exactly like my clients. Some days I am so overwhelmed with life that I just throw on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Other days I have no idea what to wear and stand wide eyed in front of my closet staring at rows of clothes and shoes and cry out, "I have nothing to wear!" Oh yeah, and the perfectly proportioned dress-able body? Sorry, that's somebody else's blog. Standing in front of my mirror squeezing my love handles is a daily occurrence.

But I'm determined to utilize the tools and skills that I have learned to make you be, look, and feel the best version of yourself.

So this is me. I'm exposing my fashion faux pas and the reality that I struggle too ...but I guarantee you...there is hope. If I can do it, you can do it - and I'm there to help you along the way.

So read on, blogger, read on. I'll be posting under the header "Expose Series." There I'll be blogging about what goes on in my life and mind when I am on a personal shopping trip for myself.

See ya there


  1. Gina D,
    This is Natasha K.

    How about I employ you to help me dress lol. I stink at it :(

  2. Hey Natasha! Well, next time I'm in NJ...


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