It's Not Always a Day at the Beach::Fashion Faux Pas on the Jersey Shore, Part I

While our family vacation itself was great, it's not always a "day at the beach" with beachwear fashion. All week long, I had my eye out for fashion offenders. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the purposes of this post), the infamous Seaside Boardwalk is a breeding ground for faux pas. Through a series of posts, I'm going to show you three distinctly common Jersey Shore fashion flops - then I'll show you what they should've worn.

1. Vintage Boardwalk Disaster

What went wrong?
                   The entire outfit is a miss from head to toe. The ever true mantra that "shoes make an outfit" - yeah, these shoes will ruin any outfit. The short boot is back in style, however, the shape and style of the come back trend is much more sleek and modern and less combat boot.

                  Also, summer is the wrong season and the boardwalk is the wrong scene to be wearing a black, lace-up, closed toe ankle boot. If you want to rock the boot, try it with a pair of skinny jeans...in the fall...or winter.
                  As for the outfit itself, it is clear to see that her shorts don't flatter her figure. They are too tight around the toosh. The shirt and vest look like they are straight out of a 1990's bar in Texas. The fringe on the vest and worn leather should only be on a saddle bag of a motorcycle. Usually a floral pattern that repeats a series of small flowers dates a garment. And black on the boardwalk in July?

Here's what should have been worn...

Why this outfit works:
                 My roman style sandals are definitely summer boardwalk appropriate. They are really comfy (after breaking them in and one bad blister...) and are a neutral color that grounds my outfit and can be worn with most colors.
                 My shorts have a wide band bottom cuff which help to create a nice shape that is figure flattering.
                 The "western" style collared shirt is lightweight enough to wear on a warm day, but also kept me warm from the breeze off of the ocean. It is a perfect updated way to wear the 3/4 length sleeve shirt like our masquerade mishap from above.
                 Finally, the colors of my outfit are definitely seasonally appropriate. Purples and greens are the most flattering colors on me, so this shirt is something I wear a lot...a lot.
                 I'm obsessed with that bag! I use it every day and take it everywhere. I love the neutral color and its size. Its over the shoulder ability makes it unobtrusive and easy to carry.

Here's a closer look at some essential pieces of my outfit AND a view of Lake Michigan near my new apartment!

Outfit Details
Sunglasses:: ?
Sandals:: H&M
Collared Shirt:: Forever 21
Shorts:: NY & Co
Satchel:: H&M

Stay tuned for Part 2!



  1. Excellent start.

    While I'll agree that the ankle boot is a popular trend, I will also state that only certain bodies should try their luck with the ankle boot. I'm curvy and avoid ankle boots like the plague. I tried on a pair of ankle boots at Nordstrom Rack and was disgusted. I looked like a plump jester aka a joke.

    I can't wait for your follow up posts!


  2. So true, Chandra! I'm a big proponent that not every trend works for every body type. It's the same thing with skinny jeans for me. More than trend, it is the cut, shape, and color of a garment that is most important. If you get that right, then you'll always look in style! Thanks for all of the comments!


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