It's Not Always a Day at the Beach::Fashion Faux Pas on the Jersey Shore, Part II

2. Botched Up Beach Cover Up

Warning! The following photo is extremely unflattering and may cause you to gasp. 

What went wrong?
                   I think it's obvious, right? The bathing suit cover up isn't doing its job! It is exposing exactly what needs to be unexposed

What should've been worn...

Why this outfit works:
               Simple, it covers me up! It is great for a walk on the boardwalk, a walk down the beach, or a walk right off of the sand into a beachside restaurant. Remember, just because things are more relaxed on vacation, doesn't mean that fashion or style has to be.
              In these photos, I am using this garment as a bathing suit cover up. However, this piece is very versatile. The elastic waste band in the middle allows the garment to be pulled up into a shirt! I paired it with these shorts and a little tank underneath and wore it to a barbeque while on vacation.

My floppy hat fought with me to cooperate most of the time!

Tip: Look for pieces that can serve more than one purpose - including the one they were intended for (to actually cover you up)

Outfit Details:
Floppy Hat - H&M, $10.00
Cover up/Shirt - Forever 21, $20.00
Sandals - H&M

Stay tuned for Part 3!



  1. i think i posted a comment to this post earlier, but not sure. i cannot tell. maybe it's my proxy connection...did it show up on your end?

  2. i think your dress is so pretty! loving the colors. it reminds me of a watercolor painting. and that first pic you posted, all i can say is...UGH!

  3. Love the cover-up! so cute!!

  4. Love this look!
    Your blog is so
    relevant right now
    especially for
    summer. Absolutely
    love it! Great Post.

  5. You're soooooooo cute!! I love how on point this post is and I love how you include the proper way to look in YOUR own way~!



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