10 MUST HAVES for Your Fall Wardrobe

Is it already that time of year? Yes, it is. The clothing stores have already begun to put our their Fall Line - 2 weeks ago...! School supplies are already waning on the shelves and going out of stock. The first day is in just a few weeks (eek!) and whether we are students, teachers, moms, or professionals, we need to be ready.
 Here are the top 10 Must Haves for Fall.
1. Funky flats
Statement shoes are all the rage! Shoes DO make the outfit. Be remembered when you use them to walk out of the room.

2. Scarves & Bracelets
Keep yourself warm and make a statement all at once with a funky scarf. Fabric covered bracelets bring a soft touch to the accessories of any outfit.
All bracelets from Etsy Shops!

3. Skinny Jeans, Ankle Length Leggings, and their love-child, JEGGINGS!

4. Soldier Style
When done subtly, this style makes a bold impact.

5. The Tote
Use it for school, use it for work, use it for play!

Just because it isn't summer does not mean that dark and dreary colors rule. Just switch from cool pastels to warm, bold hues.

7. Statement Fall Jacket

8. Flat Boots
If I could, I would have all of my shoes be flat boots.

9. Plaid Shirt Dress or Dress Shirt?
Whatever. You need one.

10. Boyfriend Blazer
These babies are selling out like crazy from everywhere! I'm getting mine on Oldnavy.com TODAY. They are sold out in mediums and smalls in the stores!
Whew! You've got a lot of shopping to do to complete this list!

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  1. I've already decided that one of my new things for the fall/winter is going to be the Scott Weiland-style man pashmina… But it's still summer for at least a LITTLE while longer. No thinking about fall yet for me. Ha ha.


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