Friend Friday :: Size is an Issue!

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We are discussing the ever sensitive issue of size. Dress size, shirt size, hip size, etc. Any way you look at it, size is an issue
But does size really matter?

1. Should someone's size stop them from fashion blogging or having a voice in the community?  
Absolutely not! Does this even need an explanation? It must be broken down in terms of human dignity. Each person in the universe from the beginning of time has got it regardless of race, religion, ability, and yes, even size. In fact, what we need MORE of is women of all shapes and sizes to gain confidence in the fashion community and promote their beauty. 

2. In your opinion, can the term "curvy" and "plus-sized" be used interchangeably when it comes to fashion?

I don't know. Plus-sized seems to be a pejorative term, but I know women who would not be considered plus-sized, but are definitely curvy. What about Jennifer Lopez? or Scarlet Johansson? They are most definitely curvy. Can they be used interchangeably? I really don't know. Let's ask a woman who would be considered plus-sized and has been beat up on by the mainstream media what she wants to be called.

3.  Many people make the argument that catering to plus sized women would promote being overweight as "okay".  What do you think?  Should more designers be catering to plus size women?
Designing fashion for plus-sized women does not promote being overweight. I'm sorry, but everyone has to wear clothes. What are plus-sized women going to wear if stores don't carry their size and if designers refuse to make fashionable styles for them? Notice I said fashionable styles - not an oversized t-shirt in kitty cat pattern. Nakedness is not an option for anybody. The alternative of NOT designing for these sizes is something we should be WAY more concerned about - because that means denigrating women who don't fit a model's shape to be confined to their homes or subject to fashion that doesn't promote their true worth as a beautiful woman.

4.  Should the mainstream fashion industry be showcasing more plus size models? 
Yes. That's it. Just yes. 

5. For you personally, how do you view your size, the struggle with it through the years, your ideal size, etc...

I definitely have body image issues. I think everyone does - regardless of what size category one falls into. I've been my own version of what I consider to be plus-sized. But it's a disillusion. My weight has fluctuated throughout the years due to a number of different circumstances - usually due to serious health issues. My senior year of high school came with a devastating bout of Mono where I was bed ridden for 3 months and slept 20 out of 24 hours in the day. When I recovered, I lost 20 lbs in two weeks. I kept it off half way through my freshmen year of college. That was the smallest I've ever been. By the time I was a sophomore in college, I had put on 30 lbs! This was partly due to a semester in Europe where all I ate was bread and wiener schnitzel for 4 months. That was the heaviest I've ever been. Eventually, I lost about 15 lbs of that weight, but I wasn't satisfied.

I came to realize my issues with food when I was a senior in college. I overate out of boredom and the sheer fact that "I can eat whatever I want and no one can tell me different!" Healing came through a program of support called The Light Weigh. I lost about 8 lbs and gained control over my eating habits.

After graduate school, I started to gain weight again and was always sick. It was finally in February of 2010 after some serious health complications that I was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease and an intolerance to dairy. Since then, I've slimmed down a bit and my whole life has changed. My doctor literally saved my life. It wasn't too long before I would have taken a leave of absence from my job and landed in a hospital bed - but that's another story. 

No one, including myself, will ever overcome their body image issues unless they see themselves with the dignity and beauty they were created with at their inception even though the world says it is different. And, well, that's an every day struggle.

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  1. Okay, Gina....beautiful beautiful post!!!

    You made me laugh out loud when you said "nakedness is not an option!!"

    Growing up with a mom who would fit in the "plus sized" category...I know that it still hurts her self esteem to go into stores and go shopping...let alone shopping for special occasions like weddings!!

    I'm working on controling my appetite now and determining why I'm eating...it's a great lesson!!

  2. You're beautiful - inside and out! Thanks for the spreading the Truth that every woman (and man) needs!

  3. Thanks for sharing your own struggles, Gina. I just wanted to post to tell you how happy I am that you have know now the foods you can eat to make you the happiest and healthiest!

    My young son has been tested 3 times for Celiac disease because of his (small) size and tummy troubles. He's in the clear (for now), but it's something I've certainly learned A LOT about in the past year. I'm so happy you're feeling your best!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Gina! I think this is a constant struggle for most women (and I dare to guess, men too but in a different way).

    A key realization for me was that I need to accept my body the way it is and learn to be nice to me! It's so much better to find clothes that flatter the body I have, than trying on the mannequin's clothes and being upset that they don't fit. I had to literally train myself to not look at the mannequins when I went in the store and I had a strict set of rules about what my particular curves and stature need and what they don't. It was quite enlightening and I'm much happier in my own skin now.

    Love you sis!

  5. Love how you admit there are times when you have body image issues. I think we as women don't admit that enough. We just look in the mirror and hate what we see. It's such a shame. And you are right, nakedness is not an issue. Check out V's vlog post for more hilarious comments about nakedness. - Katy http://modlychic.blogspot.com/

  6. Thanks everyone for your comments! This is always a hot topic and I think the more that wise women enter into the conversation and are passionate about it - that things will change - at the very least someone's personal opinion and love of themselves.

    Stephanie G - I love how disciplined you are with shopping and how you taught yourself to love your body for what it is!

    KK - you should really look into leading a Light Weigh group! It is Christ centered. Message me if you want some more info.

    Love to all!

  7. loved your answers, hon.
    "subject to fashion that doesn't promote their true worth as a beautiful woman."
    nakedness should be an option. agreed! nor potato sacks with kitty cat prints! :o)

  8. nakedness certainly isn't an option... great post Gina


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