Eat Your Heart Out! A Look at Fashion & (Gluten Free & Dairy Free) Food with Chef Gabe Giella

I have been privileged to know Gabe for many years now. In fact, our track record makes it appear as if I have been following him around the country! We always end up either at the same school (Franciscan University of Steubenville), in the same state (New Jersey), or in the same city (Chicago)! Even though he is relocating to Massachusetts, I am confident that we will one day cross paths again.

We have had quite a history and we're convinced we are long lost cousins. Our families are both from the same small town in Italy! We worked together in 2007 as Event Set Designers and our combined creativity launched us into further success.


Gabriel is now a personal chef - and a stellar one at that. He writes his own blog where he collects his entertaining ramblings and musings about life and food. 
We combined forces this past weekend to bring you a deliciously stylized culinary experience!

Get ready. This is big.

Even a trip to the grocery store deserves your best style! Years ago, before the "Jersey Shore" craze, MTV aired a small series called, "True Life: I Have a Jersey Shore Time Share." This was the beginning of the "guidosphere" as we knew it & boy did they have some words of wisdom to share! One guido's advice is rather pertinent to this situation. Picture this being said in your most outlandish Jersey accent: "We didn't find love down here at the Jersey Shore. It's like my ma always said, I guess you gotta find it at the grocery store or Church or sumthin."
Moral of the story: EVEN GUIDOS know you gotta look good grocery shopping!
On Gabe: Shirt - Hollister, Shorts - Italy
On Gina: Dress - H&M, Belt - ?, Necklace - Thrifted in Houston, TX, Bag - H&M, Shoes - Target

I have a severe intolerance to gluten and dairy. Gabe's challenge was to make us a meal that was both G-free and D-free. 

We did all of our shopping at Whole Food's. Because of my severe dietary restrictions, Whole Food's is the best place to accommodate my diet with what I need!
Want to know what's inside those bags? Stop back on Tuesday to see this whole meal get put together. You won't want to miss it!
To find out more about Chef Gabriel Giella, click here


  1. Wow, no gluten or dairy? That's madness!

    BTW, if you wouldn't mind, please add http://jlweightloss.blogspot.com/ as a follower. That's my future sister in law. I'm encouraging her to get into blogging. :)

  2. OMG!!! I love this! You two look Fabulous I can't wait to see what he works up for you!

  3. We're gluten free and I used to be dairy free! How did the meal go? I've been having fun with GF baking lately. You guys look great btw!

  4. Totally random, but... Did you change your hair color? I love it and it's getting so long too. So cute. - Katy

  5. Jesus, Mary, and JEHOSHAPHAT! An ITALIAN that doesn't eat bread!!! What is the world coming to??? LOL!

    Actually, I don't blame ya sista! Once I seen the wreckage that carbs can do to my waistline... I am on a "BREAK-STRIKE" as well =) Nice pics! What a cool story about you and Gab! XO

  6. Yes, KT! I did. And yes, I posted about it, haha. Thanks for noticing, though!!

  7. That's great you have someone to cook GF food with you! I was recently diagnosed with Celiac, and it's been a tough transition to be gluten-free! I couldn't even imagine having to be dairy free though-yikes!
    Love your blog! and if you ever get a chance...stop by mine? There some yummy GF stuff on there!



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