Eat Your Heart Out Because Here's What We Ate!

I know you've had a hankering for this post - to see what Chef Gabe and I actually cooked. Well, it was out of this world fantastic and totally gluten and dairy free.
He's been cooking up a blog post of his own all about our adventures, too! So check out his BLOG over at Wordpress for all of the juicy details including recipes and more!

We picked vibrant veggies and a medley of fresh fruit to satiate our palettes. 
Apple Cider Vinegar & Mustard Chicken
Balsamic Potatoes & Green Beans
Banana Custard with Fresh Strawberries

We blended tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, parsley & garlic to make our gazpacho.

Ta da!
Drizzled with a bit of olive oil and seasoned with some salt. It was muy delicioso! 

Next step: Prepare the chicken!
Note - don't sacrifice your style in the kitchen. Spruce up your cooking experience with a fabulous apron. It adds a sense of class & fun to your kitchen!

That's right - Chef Gabe is so talented that he can even make a rubber chicken into this:
Now into the oven and voila!

Here's the best part - Dairy Free, Gluten Free Banana Custard made with simple ingredients:
Bananas, Corn Starch, Brown Sugar & Almond Milk

Our fabulous food deserved a fabulous table design. Our food had a lot of color and I wanted to keep our table decor fresh and clean and allow our food to show off. I chose the simply elegant white hydrangea and kept our color scheme to the cool blues and greens. 

Thanks for joining us. Gabe and I had a blast.
After dinner, we went for a walk downtown and caught some SERIOUS fashion offenders. You will not want to miss tomorrow's post.



  1. Claire, the recipes will be on Gabe's blog. It says that up at the top. They are his personal recipes to share, not mine. You need to check out his blog like it says for the recipes.

  2. I can't wait 'til he posts the recipes! :) That all looks SO GOOD, and you can't beat yummy gluten-free food!

  3. PS. I tried the gazpacho today. YUMMMYYYY!!!!!

  4. P.P.S. I have to say that the food photos are as good as any food magazine. They make me want to eat everything you cooked. Nicely done!

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  6. Wow. The pictures look great. The food looks great. Gabe's eyes look great. You look great.

    Loveeee it!



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