Fashion Offender on the Street - or should I say, Beach?

This past weekend, the Chicago Air & Water Show afforded me many opportunities to witness the wonders of wedgies and other wardrobe deficiencies. Gotta love beach weather! However, this fashion offender wasn't sporting a swimsuit, but something better suited for a Chicago nightclub! 
It was a balmy 82 degrees out there. I definitely don't want to know what the temperature was inside one of those pant legs. And she wasn't just stopping by to check out the water. She was there with a little boy who swam in the lake for a while. I actually think that she pulls of those pants rather well - I just don't think that they should be worn on the beach. Someone get this woman a pair of shorts, stat!
This reminds me of that Friends episode where Ross Geller wore a pair of leather pants to impress his girlfriend. He was getting really warm and sweaty and had to excuse himself to the bathroom and...well, just see for yourself.
My advice to you: Consider your day's activities and the weather when choosing your outfit! 


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  1. Wow. I totally agree with you! Girl needs help!


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