Friend Friday - Criticism...constructive?

Hello and welcome to another installment of Friend Friday! This has been such a great way for all of us bloggers to communicate on current issues in the blogosphere. Katy Rose, moderator of ModlyChic, sends us pertinent questions to what's going on in the fashion world each week. We all link up and answer them on Friday! If you are a blogger and are interested in joining, you can check it out here.
This week we are talking about criticism, comments on the blog & how to be truthful & constructive. 

This quote made me laugh out loud.
"If nothing bad is ever said, nothing good will ever get done."

1. Do you allow comments on your blog? Why or why not?
Yes, I love comments on my blog. I blog because I want to interact with people communicate something to the point where it ignites a reaction from my readers. I love to know what they are thinking! And as all of you probably think, but may not be willing to say - the comment section is an ego booster and success meter. More comments means more readers.

2. Do you think people at times leave comments that are insincere or not well-thought out? What's the point?
I do think people do that. I think they do it because they just want to market themselves and comment on as many blogs as possible so that they can get a bounce back to theirs. I can tell it is insincere - I don't particularly like it, but hey - it's a page view. I definitely wouldn't do it. I want to leave comments that are actually affirming and have substance.

3. Would you ever leave a comment that could be considered negative?
No.  Remember "if don't have anything nice to say...don't say anything at all"? Especially on the internet. It is public and more people see it than the person it was intended for.

4. Most people claim to like constructive criticism. Do you really like it and how do you offer that kind of criticism to others?
I think those people are lying. I don't think that I particularly like it, either. People like words of affirmation and praise. I will take constructive criticism if it is offered to me and if I have to - but I don't wear a sign that says "Now taking constructive criticism!" 
I am a full time teacher and constructive criticism is my speciality. I have to offer it constantly on papers I grade & most especially during classroom discussions when students are answering questions. A lot of times they don't have the right answer and I have to affirm them, encourage them, and tell them they are incorrect. I'll say things like "Ohh, good guess, but not quite - does anyone have anything to add?" I've also noticed that the more I excitedly affirm those who have the right answer, the more hands go up - it's because my students want praise - not constructive criticism.
I think in terms of fashion, it can be looked at in the same way. I make sure to give compliments to people who truly look great in that outfit or a particular color, etc. When I'm fashion consulting, I make sure to pull items that are outstandingly flattering in shape, pattern, & color to dress a client in. Once they are convinced of how great they look, I can say things like, "See how this color brightens your complexion? Does the other color you were wearing do this same thing for you?"

5. Some bloggers don't allow comments in order to cut down on negativity. Do you think that is the way to go or are there other ways to deal with the negative vibes?
Well, I guess it is up to them. It is their blog & the point of a blog is freedom of personal expression. So, I guess if they want to turn them off, that's their decision. However, there is the option of approving all comments before they can be published!

Fashionably Yours,

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