Leggings as Pants?

Here's the deal:
1. Crazy fruit loop striped leggings don't count as pants - just be thankful I didn't get a picture from the back.
2. Putting this on, stepping outside of your door, and wearing this in public sends the message that you want to be looked at, have attention drawn to you, and ultimately lands you a feature spot on my blog. 
3. I know a lot of people may disagree with posting pictures of fashion offenders on the internet on the basis that they would never want something like this to happen to them - well I say, don't dress like this and you'll have nothing to worry about! Also, if you've made the decision to go out in public wearing this, then you've given permission for people to look at you. And, I didn't show her face.
4. The shoe/sock combo and the worn leather jacket are so unfortunate that I can't even conjure up a witty come-back.

With that said, this outfit raises the issue of wearing leggings as your pant alternative. What do you think? Can it be done? Obviously, this woman isn't doing it right at all, however, it is a very popular look among teens and young women. 
I googled "leggings as pants" and there seems to be a hotbed of conversation! I even found this Facebook Group, "Leggings are NOT Pants." 
This article definitely has a strong opinion about the matter.

Fashionably Yours, 


  1. HATE-ing the tight pants look whether fruit loops or plain brown. Good golly, ladies, cover your behind.

    That said, I there have been some cute displays of leggings here on campus. Yes! Here on campus! My favorite is when a girl wears a really pretty frilly skirt with leggings underneath and maybe a nice sweater or leather jacket to match. Adorable.

    What makes me giggle is seeing stirrup pants come back. Am I really that old?! Holy moses.

    And you are right. If "you" are going out in public dressed that bad, beware that fashinistas (such as Gina D'Urso) WILL take your picture and make an example out of you.

  2. Leggings are not pants end of story. Leggings with a skirt and top totally ok, leggings with a dress, long top or long jumper which covers your rear-end perfect. Leggings with a short top....nope.
    Ally :-)


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