30 for 30 is Packing UP!

The long awaited Thanksgiving Break is here! These past few days have been quite hectic and I've missed posting outfits 9 & 10...But I'm packing up and heading east to visit my family for Thanksgiving. 

Packing for this break within the 30 for 30 Challenge was tough! I think that I actually packed more things than when I usually travel - since this time I can't repeat outfits. 
I'll admit it - usually when I go home I'll wear the same outfit a few days in a row. Home is home - and I'm not judged there. I just relax and reunite. 

I felt like I was choosing my items for the 30 for 30 all over again as I was packing - only extremely scaled down.
Yes, that is a copy of Breaking Dawn. I will be reading it for the first time & am excited!
Here's what I came up with:
5 days
3 pairs of shoes
3 belts
2 scarves
1 pair of leggings
1 pair of jeans
2 pairs of tights
1 boyfriend blazer
1 blue sweater
1 black vest
2 tops

All set & ready to go!
I'll update you on the scandalous body scanners!

Fashionably Yours,


  1. Packing when you are doing the 30 for 30 is so much easier than packing for any other time. Since you have already honed down the options, it becomes that much easier to do it again.
    Have fun home with the family!
    - Katy

  2. Breaking Dawn is really good. That and Twilight were my favorites, both better than the middle two (though I really enjoyed the whole series).

    Enjoy your break!


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