A Lengthy Illusion

I was totally on my own last night. 
There was no patient roomie to help me take my outfit pics - so...I had to come up with other means...
Concrete ledges. Railings. Banisters. Steps. Even...
A grill! A dusty, stingy grill. But, she held up rather well and did as best as she could.
With that said, I definitely prefer the human version or one that I could at least feel comfortable propping up a $500.00 camera on. So, I ordered this.

That should do the trick on lonely nights.

I tried as desperately as I could to get a full body shot, but it just wasn't happening with 'Ol Red up there. 
You'll have to piece together in your own mind how the bottom half fits with the top. 

Why this outfit works:
I am rather short (or so I am told!) and I am constantly looking for ways to elongate my frame. The vertical stripes of my top instantly draw the eye to a more narrow frame and the vertical embellishment along the button line does the same.
I usually tend to keep an open neckline to further create the illusion of length. 
The high-waisted pencil skirt hits me just at mid-calf and makes my short little legs look long! However, only paired with the heels does this work. If I wore this skirt with flats, I would look like a reformed nun out of 1970. 

What do you do to create the illusion of length?

Fashionably Yours,


  1. Where's that darn roommate when you need her? Sheesh. PS Great outfit. Not sure I could do 30 in 30. Awfully brave! (as are your tights. LOVE them. lovelovelove)

  2. You look fabulous. This look really suits you girl! Loves it!


  3. This makes you look almost a foot taller than you really are! Great outfit!! We can take each other's outfit pics if I end up coming to visit in Dec. - Katy

  4. Hot.

    And now I know what to get you for Christmas—a tripod. Come on girl!! You have an expensive, nice camera, do a fashion blog where you take zillions of pictures, and don't even have a $25 Walmart tripod?! Jeez. :^)

  5. Shut it Jen Brown. :)
    You're legs doooo look sooo long, G!

  6. resourceful aren't we? you look so sleek with your skirt :D

  7. i love love this outfit on you Gina!!! thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog by the way. i found you on ModlyChic. I've gotten to know Katy since both of us are out of Boston! can't wait to read more :)


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