Nothing Fancy

3 down...27 to go!

As my roomie was taking these shots, she kept exclaiming - "Gosh, you look so short in these pictures!" What a striking contrast to yesterday's outfit
I am familiar with the concept of black being slimming, but is it also "shortening"?
I think combined with the camera angle and my black Mary Jane's - yes.

These shoes are my favorite shoes in the world. They are Aerosoles - I got them at DSW about 2 months ago and have worn them almost every day since.
They are perfect for teaching! So comfy. And the heel makes me feel like I've got a little more power - hey, anything to create the illusion for my students, right?

So, I really like this outfit a lot - but there's just nothing too fancy about it. Just a great basic professional wear outfit. And sometimes, those really are the best.

Outfit Details:
Cardigan: Macy*s
Top: NY&CO (I believe  - I've had it for years)
Belt: F21
Pants: NY&CO
Ring: F21
Shoes: Aerosoles - via DSW

Fashionably Yours,


  1. i am loving these shoes and that ring!

  2. your outfits always seem so professional!
    That is kinda funny that you look shorter, where the other pics made you look longer. I love yesterday's outfit btw.

  3. I told you at school how much I loved this outfit... but SOMEHOW, I missed the RING!!! You must show it to me next time you wear it to work!

  4. i like how there's a bit of print peeking out from the black. i love wearing black on black cause it doesn't make me look so small :D you look real chic

  5. I LOVE those shoes. LOVE LOVE LOVE. We're the same size, right ;-) ?


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