Come Fly With Me - Airport Attire

Photo Credits: Danny Virasawmi

Outfit Details:
Boyfriend Blazer: Old Navy
Dress: Some department store
Boots: Wanted
Belt: ShopRouche
Scarf: The Limited

Who ever said that airport attire had to be your high school gym shoes, Baby Phat velour sweat pants, and your home team sweatshirt? Give me a break.
You never know who you are going to run into at the airport or be predetermined to sit next to on the plane. Especially if you are single. You'll need all the help you can get. Be sure to make the best impression of yourself wherever you go.
For me, this dress is so comfy & versatile. Maybe for you a dark wash jean, cardigan, & cute flat will do the trick. 
I'm always cold & this drapey scarf and boyfriend blazer are just what I needed to keep me warm. 
My flat boots supply me with style and comfortablity. Comfortability? Is that a word? No? Well, I just made it up and I think you know exactly what it means.

Don't look like a bum at the airport and force me to take a fashion offender photo of you and feature you here. 

Here's how this dress has been worn in this 30 for 30 challenge before.

Fashionably Yours,


  1. Love those boots, definitely the chicest one on the plane!
    Do check my newest post, love to hear from you!

  2. I'm forever trying to figure out how to match black and brown and make it look good, so this outfit is really inspiring for me :) Thanks for the pick me up to my winter wardrobe!


  3. Someone told me once that if you dress nicely, you are more likely to get bumped up from coach to a higher class. I have yet to experience that, but it is worth a shot. Now, I don't wear my sweats, but I don't look as good as you do. This is one fashionable airplane outfit.
    The Auspicious Life


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