The Rental Units

My parents came to visit! All the way from the great state of New Jersey. We had a fantastic weekend - complete with a trip to the top of Willis Tower in Chicago. I've wanted to ascend its heights since I moved to Chicago over a year ago.
I love this dress. It is one of the most versatile pieces that I own. In fact, I wore it last week here.

I have a confession to make...This is from last weekend. 
Today I had issues. Issues with my camera, issues with my hair, and not eating dinner yet and well, yeah. Functioning was a near impossibility. I am currently residing in my polka-dot pajamas and happy as a clam.
The dress and the boots are in my 30 for 30 items list AND I will be wearing this outfit sometime within the 30 days! So I'm technically not cheating the challenge. 
My dad, who teaches high school photography, was my awesome photographer for this weekend. I wish he were here every weekend!

Fashionably Yours,


  1. I love your green coat, I think I have the same one haha! Is it from Old Navy?
    Glad you had fun with your parents in Chicago. I love that city!

  2. Im so glad you had such a great time with your parents, you all look so lovely! I love your green jacket too. Your blog is heaps cute! x

  3. Oh my gosh! That photo of you on the balcony gave me chills! Your green coat totally makes you look like the chicest superhero ever.

  4. Of course, I love the outfits... but as a native Chicagoan I have to say you are showing your transplant-status with a reference to Willis Tower. LOL It's the Sears Tower. - Katy

  5. you are so pretty and yes, that dress is really pretty and versatile! I would not be able to stand there in that tower though, I would die of vertigo :D

    if you have some spare time, drop me some love at my blog!

  6. i love this outfit, G!
    and the photos of you & the parents are so cute :)

  7. Gina, your hair has gotten so long! I love it! *hugs you!* :)

  8. That belt is amazing.


  9. flawless. I love this.

    "Long have a waited for your coming home to be and living deeply our new life" is what come to mind when I see this spectacular outfit! HA!


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