The Magnificent Mile & So Much More

I love it when friends come to visit me in Chicago! It gives me an excuse to sightsee all of the things that I haven't been able to do on my own.
A sweet friend of mine from college, Sarah, is out here on business. She and I both held prominent event planning positions on our college campus and crossed paths many times. I never remember her working in anything paired without stilettos and pearl earrings. She's so classy and nothing has changed!
I love how perfectly coordinated Sarah is. The pink jacket is the perfect statement for Fall - I posted perviously statement jackets here.
That polka dot cardigan is from Target and I might need to have it.
Sarah confessed to me that she ran to Target that day to pick out the cardigan and her cute flats just for our adventure!

Our trusty travel companion, on the other hand, was the receiver of much scrutiny...
He felt so much pressure that he had to change out of his airplane attire into something more "acceptable" to show off in front of a fashion consultant! We gave him a hard time, but he took it in stride and he really didn't deserve it anyway...

Stay tuned for my outfit pics from the adventure.
Fashionably Yours,


  1. I've never seen your hair curly before - I love it! You should style it that way more often. - Katy

  2. Thanks, Katy! I've been doing it like that a lot more lately. I can switch between both pretty easily.

  3. I love the matching pink jacket and slippers!!

  4. Great stuff! You can critique dad & I when we come with our "outfits". I think I will start planning/coordinating now! :O)


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