"Fashion Tells a Story..."

I'm convinced that I live in the best apartment building on the block. I was tipped off pretty early on about how great it was due to the friendliness of my neighbors on move in day. But I'm more and more convinced each Sunday. My neighbor across the way saves the fashion section of the New York Times for me! He even cuts out or prints out articles that he thinks I would be interested in. 
Of course, all of my neighbors are nervous that I am going to catch them in their pajama pants walking the dog or taking out the trash! I assured them that we are all a family in this neighborhood and I wouldn't do that to them as long as they don't tell on me when I'm in my sweatpants and no makeup while doing laundry!
One such article he left for me was from The Washington Post. It was a perspective piece on Hillary Clinton's new, longer hair. The author has a perfect couple of sentences that sums up why I do fashion consulting, why I blog, and why I take care to dress myself well:
"Fashion tells a story about the wearer. If we don't believe the narrative -- if it comes across as patently false -- the garment registers as inappropriate." - Robin Givhan
Wise words, Robin. Wise words.

What are others reading about your story based on what you're wearing?

Fashionably Yours, 

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